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Victor R. Small House, Clinton, NC

Victor R. Small House, Clinton, NC


Triangle Paranormal Investigations conducted an investigation at the Victor R. Small House in Clinton, NC on September 17, 2008.  Investigators present were Lead Investigator Curt House, Investigators Michael and Jennifer Mallon, Ray Stewart, Liz Smith, Al Herridge, Jennifer Mortensen, Sam and Mary House, and Steve Barrell.  Others present were members of the Sampson County Arts Council and The Sampson Independant.  We began the investigation at around 2030 hrs.

Equipment Placement

Laptop -

Dr. Small’s office waiting room

Hi-8 Video Camera -

Curt House

Digital Voice recorders -

Curt House


Steve Barrell


Liz Smith


Sam & Mary House


Ray Stewart


Al Herridge


Jennifer Mortensen


Michael & Jennifer Mallon

Digital Still Cameras -

Ray Stewart


Michael & Jennifer Mallon


Sam & Mary House


Jennifer Mortensen

Motion Sensors -

Upstairs Bathroom


Back staircase


Dr. Small’s office waiting room

KII Meter -

Curt House


Michael Mallon

Trifield Meter -

Multiple Locations

The investigation began with Curt meeting with the Director of the Sampson County Arts Council.  They are the current owners of the Victor R. Small House.  We were given a tour of the house and was told about some of the stories associated with the home as well as the hotspots.

Team 1 - Curt House, Jennifer Mallon and a member of the Arts Council & Sampson Independant
Team 2 – Ray Stewart, Michael Mallon and a member of the Arts Council
Team 3 – Sam and Mary House and Jennifer Mortensen
Team 4 – Steve Barrell, Al Herridge and Liz Smith

Initially Team 1 started in the back staircase while Team 2 started in the Parlor downstairs.  Team 3 started in Dr. Small’s waiting room and Team 4 remained in the living room where we had “central command” located.  Team 4 was in charge of monitoring the motion sensors. 

Team 1, who started in the back staircase (upstairs) set up to investigate at around 2150 hrs.  All of the doors were closed downstairs and the door upstairs that lead to the room was shut as well. This took place around 2154 hrs. A KII meter was used during the EVP session to attempt to make contact but there were no responses on the KII.  During the EVP session, Team 1 did hear what sounded like an audible sigh that was heard by all (around 2201 hrs.)  A KII meter was placed at the bottom of the stairs in hopes of making contact with whoever was down the stairs (around 2206 hrs.).  We did hear some kind of click or pop but could not find a source.  Curt had his video camera recording and noticed that the door leading from the bottom of the staircase directly to the kitchen was standing open about 1-2 feet ajar (around 2207 hrs.).  Curt went down to investigate the door and could not find an explanation for the door opening.  It did not shut with ease and could not have opened by accident.  It also required a full turn of the door knob to open the door.  This could in fact have been the pop or click we heard just minutes earlier.

Team 2 did not have any experiences while they were in the Parlor downstairs.
Team 3 was in Dr. Small’s office and waiting room and did have a couple of experiences while they were there.  While they were investigating the waiting area, they were asking for a sign that the presence of a spirit was there when they suddenly heard the Rosary on Dr. Small’s medicine cabinet in the examination room literally fall back against the door as if someone had lifted and let it fall down against the door.  They went over to investigate and asked for another sign to confirm its presence and the Rosary started to move slightly from side to side.  This was witnessed by all three.  Also while they were there, Jennifer walking into the office part of the room and began to get lightheaded and dizzy and it felt very heavy.  The feeling went away when she left the area.  She went back a few minutes later and did not feel it again.
Team 4 was in the main living room “central command” monitoring the motion sensors.  While there they conducted an EVP session to try and make contact there.  Steve sat on the floor facing the sofa that Al and Liz were seated on.  During the EVP session, Steve felt his right forearm and hand get touched by what he felt was a small child.  Steve felt that the child was a bit frightened as well.  Steve also sensed the presence of a man standing near the piano and was watching them.  Steve felt that there is a connection to this man and the child and that the man is to some extent malevolent.  This would account for the very strange and unusual roar-like heavy breathing sound that was recorded in that room.  This concluded the first session and all of the teams rotated to different areas.

Team 1 then moved for the second session living room to monitor the motion sensors.  During this session, Jennifer captured an interesting orb behind Curt.  Other than that, there was no other activity experienced at this location.

Team 2 moved to Dr. Small’s office.  The only experience reported during that time was that they had the KII blink in response to a question about the office area.  It blinked a couple more times, some not in response and some in response.  There was too much inconsistency to be able to legitimately say there was contact made.  Michael stated that while he was there and was sitting in the chair behind the desk of the office, he felt a cold breeze blow down from above and there was no vent above him.

Team 3 moved upstairs to investigate the rooms up there.  While they were there, they did not have any personal experiences occur.
Team 4 moved into the back staircase.  While there, Steve was sitting at the top of the staircase while Liz sat about halfway down and Al was at the bottom of the stairs.  Steve felt that the strong entity he felt in that area earlier in the evening was now avoiding people.  The only thing that happened during that session was that Steve was attempting to communicate when all three of them felt the tops of their forearms were touched in succession.  Steve immediately offered his energy for the spirit to use in order to manifest more.  Shortly after Steve acknowledged that he felt his energy being taken from his hands, Al felt the hairs on his left had stand straight up.  Just a few seconds after that his digital voice recorder, which had been standing motionless for over 15 minutes was knocked by some unseen force over the edge, down the side of the staircase and fell under the metal chairs at the bottom of the staircase.  There was absolutely no explanation for this and it was not touched by Al when it fell over.  This concluded the second session and all of the teams moved to other locations.

Team 1 moved to Dr. Small’s office area.  They started off in the actual office part of the section.  An EVP session was started along with using a KII meter to assist in communicating with whoever might be there.  There were about 4 responses on the KII meter but they were sporadic at best and can’t be included as evidence since they did not repeat upon command.  After about 30 minutes in the office, Team 1 moved into the waiting area of the Doctor’s office.  While in the waiting room, Curt heard the sound of creaking that came from attic followed by footsteps.  Everyone else in the group heard the footsteps as well.  These footsteps were also caught on audio recordings.  Curt pulled down the attic door and took the KII meter up there to attempt to make contact with the spirit that was heard walking around.  Not contact was made nor any response on the KII or audio recording devices.  Team 1 concluded their investigation of the office area and returned to the living room to regroup. 

Team 2 moved to the living room “central command”.  No experiences were noted during Team 2’s time there.

Team 3 moved to the back staircase.  While there they did experience on thing.  While conducting an EVP session, Sam began to feel a cold sensation from over his shoulders that moved around him and it then Jennifer began to feel a cold spot move around her hands and her back.  It seemed to move around from one side to the other.  Shortly after that it dissipated.  The room at the time was very warm and stuffy with no ventilation.

Team 4 moved to the upstairs bedrooms.  While they investigated the bedrooms, there was some kind of squeak-like sound that was audibly heard by Steve and Liz and was also captured on the audio recorder.  There was no source of the squeak sound.  This was the only thing experienced there.  This concluded the third session.

All teams returned to the living room except Team 4.  Team 4 went to Dr. Small’s office area to investigate since they had not had an opportunity to and Steve had felt the presence of an extremely happy spirit there when he first walked in.  The rest of the Teams went to the kitchen for a short break.

All teams reported outside and only 2-3 investigators were allowed into the house to conduct a solo investigation at a time.  The rest stayed outside.  Sam and Mary’s walkthrough was relatively uneventful except for when they walked into the Dr.’s bedroom where she felt a cold breeze pass by her very quickly.  They could not find a source of it.  Most of the rest of the walkthroughs were fairly quiet.  Curt and Steve went in for their final walkthrough and started upstairs.  During the walkthrough, Steve felt like the fearful spirit was still in the back staircase.  As they walked through the other rooms in the upstairs, Curt felt a cold spot near the painting that Mrs. Small painted.  Steve placed his hand in the same cold spot and was able to determine that there was in fact a spirit there where we stood.  While we were standing there the cold spot dissipated and was gone.  Steve then said that he did not feel the spirits presence any more.  Once they finished their walkthrough, Curt concluded the investigation around 0145.

Evidence Analysis


Upon analyzing the evidence, there was no video evidence captured.    EVP’s were captured in abundance throughout the house, but only a few of them were A Class quality.

- This was recorded in the Dr.’s office waiting room and is a female voice saying “I’m staying.”

- This is a significant recording because you hear the question asked “I hear you like to paint?” and then you hear a whispered “NO”.  Then you hear the question “Are you glad that artists are still using it today?” and then you hear a whispered “YES”.  This is direct response to questions. This is very significant because it sounds like a male voice and Dr. Small was not an artist, but rather a poet. His wife was the artist. He did in fact leave the house to the County when he passed so that they would use it as an art studio. To read more about his history visit Sampson County Arts Council.

- In this recording you will hear Steve talking and then there is a whisper of “the children”.  You then heard Steve make a comment about who is touching their arms (remember in the earlier description of the investigation).  Evidently, when the word was spoken it touched Steve right after.


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