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Triangle Paranormal Investigations is currently NOT accepting applications for new members. Please check back to the website in the future for further postings.

Due to many of our cases involving private residences, we can not include any "tag along" investigators.


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Mission Statement

To investigate the presence of paranormal phenomena and ghostly hauntings and document the presence of spirits in our everyday life through scientific and photographic evidence.


Welcome to Triangle Paranormal Investigations. TPI is dedicated to the investigation and research of hauntings and ghost phenomenon. We are based in North Carolina. We record information and sharing the information about the phenomenon to others. We have been investigating ghostly phenomenon since 2000. We look for any and all explanations for the phenomenon experienced and provide conclusive evidence by using proper scientific methods of research.


Are you considering an investigation with Triangle Paranormal Investigations? If so here is what you can expect from us.

TPI does not charge for investigations. We are a volunteer organization based out of the Raleigh, NC area. All work done by TPI is done on the members own time and is not paid for this work. All costs are paid for out of pocket. Please be patient with us in regards to investigations. They are conducted around work schedules and family schedules. We all would like to be able to do this full time, trust me. Our investigations are conducted as soon as possible without compromising the thoroughness of the investigation.

Whenever you contact us about an investigation, please have a few things ready for us. We need to know your location, what events are taking place and the frequency of them. Keeping a log is helpful when it comes to determining frequency of events. If an event has only happened once and has not occurred since, it will be extremely hard to get any conclusive data. On the other hand, if the events are on going, we may be able to conduct an investigation and collect a lot of valuable data. We also need to know if anyone has been threatened or harmed by a ghost. This will help in understanding the severity of the situation.

If you are in fact in need of an investigations, click the Contact Info button. Once the information is received we will determine whether an investigation is indeed needed. Once an investigation is determined necessary we will set up a time to talk with those who have experienced the events and conduct an initial interview at that time. We will then set up a time and date for a full investigation with cameras, recorders and other equipment. Additional visits may be necessary depending upon evidence collected.

I hope this will give you an idea of how we operate. We are not fly by night, out for the thrill, ghost hunters. We are serious paranormal investigators. We take our work seriously and with passion. We use our research for scientific purposes. As it says in our mission statement, we investigate the presence of phenomena and ghostly hauntings. We document this so that we can prove that ghost really do exist.

First of all, any investigation conducted by TPI is done so in a professional and confidential manner. TPI does not release any information about any persons at the property or the location of the property itself without prior written permission from the owner or person with the authority to give consent to investigate the property.

Upon arrival (usually between 7:30 and 8:00 pm), we will begin with an interview and go over the paranormal hot spots and any locations that experiences have occurred. This is so the equipment can be placed in the most likely places for paranormal activity in order to catch as much evidence as possible.

Once the team has completed setting up all equipment and is ready, all of the available lights will be turned off so the location will be in complete darkness. There may be some lights that simply can’t be turned off and that is understandable. We can work around those details.

TPI would request that the location be limited to only TPI investigators or as few non-TPI investigators as possible. We request that no more than 1 non-TPI investigators be present. The reason for this is to maintain the integrity of the team and its evidence collection. Maintaining the integrity of the evidence is essential in collecting actual anomalies. Tthis is not a trust issue, but simply an evidence control issue. If there someone that was not accounted for and any anomalous voices were heard, we can’t say for utmost certainty that it was not human. This compromises all of the evidence collected and the investigation will be tainted.

The investigation will last between 6 and 8 hours (between 2 and 4 am). If there is a time cruch, the investigation can be condensed to a shorter time frame, however this leaves less time for quality evidence collection.

Over the following week the evidence will be evaluated and analyzed. All evidence will be compiled and a final evaluation of the location will be conducted. A form will be sent via email about the evidence collected, analysis of the location as well as recommendations.

We hope that this will help you undersand how an investigation will be conducted and give you some insight as to what to expect from us.

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