North Carolina Team


Curt House - Founder/Lead Investigator

Curt has been investigating ghosts and hauntings since 2000. Curt is an "open-minded" skeptic, searching for the more rational and natural explanations before looking for the paranormal explanation. As a former police officer, he knows how to look through every piece of evidence and every interview to find the truth as to the events taking place. Curt is married to Heather House and has three amazing boys that he plans to raise as future Paranormal Investigators.

Heather House - Administrative Support

Heather is the wife of Curt House. She has been helping with investigations since 2002. Heather has had her own experiences with the paranormal which is what drives her to investigate hauntings.

Mary House - Case Manager/Researcher & Historian/Investigator

Mary House wife of Sam is a native of the Triad and has had paranormal experiences since childhood but continues to be an open minded skeptic. Through scientific research, she believes that parananormal experiences can be proven. She hopes to use both scientitic and genealogical research to advance the field of the paranormal. Mary is wife to Sam House.

Sam House - Interviewer/Investigator

Sam House was raised in California and had never been involved in anything paranormal. After having several personal experiences he is now seeking scientific and rational answers to prove or disprove paranormal experiences. He is very interested in EVP's and learning all aspects of scientific research. Sam is husband to Mary House.

Ray Stewart - Tech Specialist/Investigator

Ray is a long time resident of the triangle area with a lifelong interest in paranormal phenomena. For the time being, he remains an open minded skeptic, relying upon science to better define the true nature of these events.



Rev. Al Herridge - Investigator/Pastor

Al hails from Syracuse NY. However, coming from a military family, he never really had a place to call home. When he was 18 he enlisted in the Marine Corps and spent the next 23 years on the road with them, and then he had lots of places to call home. Now, at the tender age of 50 he proudly calls Clayton home. Al is also an ordained minister. Based on his limited paranormal knowledge he hopes that there may be some disturbed homes in need of a cleansing or a blessing and he hopes to be of some assistance there. Al will bless a home even if TPI does not conduct an investigation. Primarily though he views himself as a utility player and will go wherever TPI needs him.



Virginia Team

Dale Rutman - Lead Investigator/Intuitive

Dale is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Thought Field Therapy Practioner and Reiki Master. She owns her own business in Cary, NC. She does intuitive work on a daily basis. She also teaches classes in Intuitive Development. Dale has been trained in the Irene Hickman Remote Depossession Technque and has done clearing and cleansing for those who need it. “I have seen a lot of unexplained pheonomena, I also have seen a lot of explained pheonomena. The goal is to sort out which is which in a methodical way. In my opinion, the client is the most important person in the investigation and that should never be compromised.”


Sandy Kalaora, Ph.D - Investigator

After having personal experiences with "ghosts" and seeing discarnate spirits attached to living people and locations, began her interest in Spirit Releasement and Ghost / Spirit Rescue. In 1994, Sandy started her three-year training in the Baldwin Method of Spirit Releasement Therapy (clinical depossession) and Recovery of Soul / Mind Fragmentation (aka Soul Retrieval) with Dr. Bill Baldwin, Ph.D and his wife, Rev. Judith Baldwin, Founders of the Center for Human Relations in Florida, receiving her certification in advanced spirit releasement training.

Since then she has done paranormal investigations and ghost / spirit clearings across the country including private homes / properties in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, California, and Connecticut. Such places include the "Stanley Hotel" (known for the movie, "The Shining"), the famous ocean liner, "The Queen Mary," theaters, museums, restaurants, and historical sites.


John Burns - Investigator

John Burns has been interested in the paranormal since the mid 1980's and read a lot of books on the subject over the years. John experienced his first encounter with a ghost at his parents' house when he was 18 yrs. old:

"It was a rainy day and my dad was reading a book in the den. I came down the hallway towards and den and when I came to the end of the hall I noticed a person in a trench coat standing over my dad looking at him. The next thing I knew, this person or ghost started to walk in my direction. For some reason, I could not move or say anything. The 'ghost' went right through me." John went on his first investigation in 2006 and caught the "bug" to do more. He has done investigations in homes, restaurants, theaters, museums, and historical sites, including the famous ocean liner, "The Queen Mary."





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